Sindelar Tool Home Page
                       "Welcome to a world when               craftsmanship was truly an art"

Before the advent of electricity, heavy machinery and mass production, highly skilled woodworkers patiently and passionately created unique masterpieces of                                            design and form.

   The tools used by these craftsmen have captured their skill, imagination, and ingenuity, leaving behind a developmental time line of fine tool design.

  Sindelar tool collection is to be enjoyed not only by woodworkers, but artists, historians and people who appreciate the spirit of human development. 

  Our mission is to expand your knowledge about patented tools, and most importantly the rare one-of-a-kind tools designed to provide innovative solutions                                  for unique situations.


  The curator of Sindelar Museum continually updates the collection. for the past 30 years at least three collector's tools have been added monthly, based upon rarity, unique design and the fame of the owner. 


People from around the globe have enjoyed our                               museum, and now we invite you.                 
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